Authorisations, permits and licences

MRA currently issues the following licences, permits and authorisations and accepts the following applications for notifications in the water sector.

Please click on the appropriate link below for further details on these licence. A copy of the relevant application form may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link.

Applications for research of documents related to groundwater sources notified with the MRA

Application for the closure, sealing and decommissioning of a groundwater source . The specifications for sealing of boreholes are: Specifications for sealing of boreholes. The sample Perit’s certification my be found here: Sample certification.

Application to update records of users of a groundwater source.  This application may also be used to register new users or updater records of users of groundwater sources. (Versjoni bil-Malti: Applikazzjoni biex jiġu mġedda r-records dwar utent/i ta’ sors tal-ilma ta’ taħt l-art )

Application for notification of Groundwater Source (LN 255 of 2008 as amended by LN 460 of 2011). (Versjoni bil-Malti: Applikazzjoni għal Notifika ta’ Sors tal-Ilma ta’ Taħt l-art ) . Note: New notifications are not being accepted, except in very specific circumstances described in the legislation. Please contact us prior to submitting an application.

Application for permit for borehole drilling or excavation works in the saturated zone. This application is applicable only for drilling of seawells and excavation works. There is a moratorium on drilling of new boreholes for abstraction of fresh water. The sample affidavit for the drilling of a replacement borehole may be found here: Sample affidavit. Once completed, a drilling log should be submitted. A sample that is suitable may be found here: Sample drilling log

Application for export of Maltese stone


In terms of the Malta Resources Authority Act, an appeal shall lie to the administrative Review Tribunal on any decision of the Authority in accordance with the provisions of this Act and any regulations made thereunder, and the right to appeal shall be competent to any person aggrieved by such decision.

Single point of contact in Malta

The single point of contact in Malta is