The National Statistics Office, in collaboration with the Malta Resources Authority, is conducting a survey to gather data on the use of petroleum products by Economic Activity. This data will fulfil the reporting obligations required by Regulation No 1099/2008 on Energy Statistics, Directive 98/70/EC on the Quality of Fuels Regulations, Regulation No 525/2013 on a Mechanism for Monitoring and Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Directive 2001/81/EC on National Emission Ceilings for Certain Atmospheric Pollutants, and Malta’s obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which require the reporting of national inventories of anthropogenic emissions.

 The data is being requested in terms of the provisions of the Malta Statistics Authority Act (XXIV of 2000). The data will be used internally by MRA and NSO for statistical and reporting purposes only and will not be disclosed or divulged in an individual or disaggregated form.

The relevant datasheet can be downloaded from the following link: