Welcome to our Publications Section. This page contains a collection of published reports and reference material of a general nature and sectoral specific issued by the Authority. They are grouped by subject category.

Publications – Energy Resources

Malta’s Report to the European Commission on the Implementation of Directive 2009/72/EC, Directive 2009/73/EC and Directive 2005/89/EC

Publications – Energy Resources (Electricity – Interconnector)

Lahmayer Study Energy Interconnector Malta – Europe:

Publications – Energy Resources (Electricity – tariffs)

Electricity tariff review 2014:

Electricity tariff review 2010:

Electricity tariff review May 2009:

Electricity tariff review 2008 – 2009:

Publications – Energy Resources (Electricity – wiring colour codes and guidelines)

Publications – Energy Resources (Street Lighting)

Publications – Energy Resources (CHP)

Analysis of the potential for co-generation in Malta

Publications – Energy Resources (Energy Efficiency & Renewables)

Publications – Energy Resources (LPG)

MRA LPG Codes of Practice:

Note: The MRA LPG Codes of Practice are now official documents of the Malta Resources Authority and should be referred to for design of LPG Installations with their associated equipment. These codes of practice are heavily based on the UKLPG’s suite of Codes of Practice and their permission to use these within the Maltese Islands is gratefully acknowledged. Copyright subsists in all UKLPG publications as reproduced in the MRA Codes and therefore text based on UKLPG Codes remains subject to their copyright. Electronic copies of the codes of practice are available from the MRA on request by written correspondence to

Publications – Energy Resources (Biodiesel)
Carbon / Efficiency Labelling & Bio-Blending for Optimising Benefits of Biodiesel & Additive Use:

Publications – Mineral Resources

Publications – Water Resources

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Publications – Energy Resources (Water – tariffs)

Water tariff review – 2009:

Water tariff review – 2014: