Operators of large stationary installations that perform certain categories of industrial activities are obliged to comply with the requirements of the EU ETS Directive.

If you are an operator of a stationary installation performing any such activity, please refer to the information on this page on what you need to do to meet your obligations.

Scope – Annex I to the EU ETS Directive

Annex I to Directive 2003/87/EC lists the activities and gases that are covered by the EU ETS. The list of activity categories stipulates both the type of the activity and the relevant threshold for each activity, as applicable.

You should always refer to the competent authority in case of any doubts on the interpretation of any activity category listed in Annex I to the EU ETS Directive or clarifications that you may require on whether or not your installation falls within scope of the Directive.

Permitting of installations

Any installation that performs an activity listed in Annex I that results in emissions specified in the same Annex in relation to that activity must have a greenhouse gas emissions permit issued by MRA.

If you are an operator of an installation performing an activity falling under Annex I, you should apply for a greenhouse gas emissions permit.  Check with the Competent Authority for the applicable procedure to apply for this permit.

It is important to note that applying for and being issued a permit under the EU ETS Directive does not release you from acquiring any other relevant permits under other environmental legislation.  You should always check with the relevant competent authorities about other permitting requirements.

Register of installations permitted under Directive 2003/87/EC:

Permit Number Installation Name Operator
MT-1 (pdf) Marsa Power Station Enemalta Corporation
MT-2 (pdf) Deliamra Power Station Enemalta Corporation

Allocation – Phase I and II National Allocation Plans

The allocation of allowances to stationary installations for the first two periods of the EU ETS, 2005-2007 and 2008-2012 was free of charge.  For each of these periods Malta had to prepare a National Allocation Plan in which it determined the total quantity of allowances to be allocated to local installations operating within the scheme and then distributed the allowances among the installations. The NAPs, drawn up based on the criteria set out in the Directive and other relevant Commission guidance were approved by the European Commission.

The respective national allocation plans are:

National Allocation Plan 2005-2007

National Allocation Plan 2008-2012

Allocation for Phase III – 2013 to 2020

For the period 2013-2020 and subsequent periods, the allocation of allowances to stationary installations will be carried out in accordance with harmonized EU-wide rules, involving both auctioning and free allocation on the basis of agreed benchmarks.  In principle, electricity generation plants falling within the scope of the EU ETS Directive are not eligible to any free allowances and would necessarily have to acquire allowances to cover compliance needs through auctioning and/or purchase on the emissions trading market.

The respective free allocations for the local installations currently permitted under the scheme are being published in accordance with Article 11 of Directive 2003/87/EC, and are as follows:

Installation (permit number) Allocation for period 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2020:
allocation per annum
Allocation for period 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2020:
total allocation
Marsa Power Station (MT-1) 0 0
Delimara Power Station (MT-2) 0 0

Entitlements of international credits for the years 2008-2020

Article 11a of Directive 2003/87/EC, as implemented through Commission Regulation (EU) No 1123/2013, provides for the determination and publication of international credits entitlements for the period 2008-2020 for stationary installations falling within the scope of the EU ETS. 

The following table presents the respective entitlements for the listed installations.            

Operator Name

Installation Name

Installation Registry ID

Paragraph of Regulation 1123/2013 relevant to the installation concerned (1(1) – 1(5))

Initial Entitlement 2008-2020 (Phase 2 + Phase 3)

Enemalta Corporation Marsa Power Station 220000000000001



Enemalta Corporation Delimara Power Station 220000000000002



Monitoring of annual emissions

An operator is required to submit to the Competent Authority a monitoring plan describing the means by which annual emissions from the installation will be monitored and reported.  The monitoring plan has to be approved by the Competent Authority and will serve as the accepted methodology for monitoring in that installation.

As from 2013, monitoring and reporting requirements are established in Regulation (EU) 601/2012 on the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC.

Please contact the competent authority regarding the template to be used to submit the monitoring plan for a stationary installation.

Guidance documents on monitoring and reporting:

Common EU guidance on monitoring and reporting may be found here.

Reporting of annual emissions

Directive 2003/87/EC provides for an obligation for operators of installations falling within scope of the EU ETS to annually submit verified emission reports – the deadline for submission of each (calendar) year’s report is 31 March of the following year.  That is, for the monitoring year X, the emissions report must be submitted by not later than 31 March of year X+1.

Reports shall be verified by a competent, independent, accredited verifier before being submitted to the Competent Authority.  Verification of annual emissions reports and accreditation of verifiers for EU ETS purposes are regulated by Regulation (EU) 600/2012 on the verification of greenhouse gas emission reports and tonne-kilometre reports and the accreditation of verifiers pursuant to Directive 2003/87/EC. A verification report issued by the verifier must accompany the emissions report when this is submitted to the Competent Authority.  Please consult with the competent authority regarding the template for the submission of annual emission reports and the verification report template.

Guidance documents on verification and accreditation:

MRA guidance note on verification

Common EU guidance on verification and accreditation may be found here

Register of annual verified emission reports of Maltese installations

Period 2005-2007

Marsa Power Station Delimara Power Station
Year Allocation Emissions Allocation Emissions
2005 1,124,985 1,159,927 960,617 811,331
2006 1,123,631 1,175,288 1,043,670 810,477
2007 1,122,278 1,213,460 1,163,294 813,904
Note: All reported emissions have been accounted for by surrendering of equivalent amount of allowances

Period 2008-2012

Marsa Power Station Dellimara Power Station
Year Allocation Emissions Allocation Emissions
2008 1,100,256 1,043,935 1,007,581 974,650
2009 1,095,617 961,727 1,025,836 935,386
2010 1,090,977 969,152 1,068,383 909,155
2011 1,086,338 1,015,594 1,081,667 915,972
2012 1,081,699 992,291 1,076,951 1,060,139
Note: All reported emissions have been accounted for by surrendering of equivalent amount of allowances.

Period 2013-2020


 Marsa Power Station

Delimara Power station 






Note:  All reported emissions have been accounted for by surrendering of an equivalent amount of compliance units.

Accounting for emissions

For information on accounting of emissions and the registry system, please click here

Contacting the competent authority:

For further information on matters relating to the EU ETS, you may contact MRA at: